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Targ Pietruszkowy was a spur-of-the-moment idea. There was no proper food market on the right hand side of the Vistula river since the demolition of the famous pre-war Podgórze butcher’s stalls. We decided to change that. The idea was to invite to Podgórze the best, certified organic farmers from Małopolska. This changed our district from a shopping desert to an organic oasis of Kraków. We wanted the district of Podgórze to have a true and best market, just like one which existed before the war.


Our core values are:


We ensure that the good sold at the market is healthy and organic. It is sourced from farmers and producers with organic certification or owners of smallholdings (max. 15 ha) who grow food naturally without the use of pesticides.


One of the key features of Targ Pietruszkowy. At our market you can enjoy food from farms within approx. 150km from Kraków including Zator, Wola Batorska, Liszki, Podstolice, Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, Lipnica Murowana and others. Thanks to that the produce is guaranteed to be fresh and seasonal and by choosing to shop at our market you support local communities.


All products are sold directly by those who grow, breed and produce them. The sellers are also personally responsible for the quality of what they offer. Direct sales means that farmers can get a fair price for their hard work and you can personally meet the person who feeds you with this delicious stuff!


Organic and natural food, grown, bred and produced within approx. 150km from Kraków and sold directly – this is what Targ Pietruszkowy is all about. We connect sellers – local breeders and farmers, with the residents of Kraków. We want to avoid food of unknown origin and eliminate middlemen. What matters for us are people and working together with nature./p>

Visit us and find out for yourself!


How do we operate?

In order to coordinate the operations of Targ Pietruszkowy farmers’ market we established a foundation under the same name. It supports the development of the initiative and makes it possible to operate as a legal entity. Our actions as targeted at nurturing relationships between clients and suppliers and supporting local food producers. We want to give everyone the certainty that they are buying entirely healthy, fresh and local products.

Targ Pietruszkowy is unique also because it operates on a non-profit basis. . It means that all revenue from the market are invested in its development. Currently, we can afford the day-to-day operations of the market, but we want to develop and, among others, test more food samples from farmers, equip the stalls with heaters and appropriate cooling systems. All this in order to make shopping at the market a pleasant and safe experience.


The selection of sellers was not left to chance. Our team makes sure that all farms who are allowed to sell at the markets are checked. We have following two types of certificates which authorise selling at the market:

– external certificate: awarded by one of approximately 20 Polish bodies who are authorised to award organic certification. Food from those sellers is not tested by us.

– internal certificate: if a given seller does not hold an external certificate, our team visits them to see how food is grown or produced. Moreover, we randomly select products that are then sent to a lab for tests detecting plant protection products and their derivatives. Meat and fish is tested for antibiotics and artificial feed. Sellers are not given prior notice before the sample is collected. The results are openly available. If the test comes back positive and it turns out that the seller used any forbidden substances, they are removed from Targ Pietruszkowy.


How can I join as a seller?

Do you want to join us and sell your products at the market? Contact us:

Remember that you need to comply with the following:

– your farm should be up to approx. 150km from Kraków (local principle);

– you should have an organic certificate or consent to undergo unannounced lab test (natural principle);

– your products are sold directly by you or a member of your family (direct principle).

About us

We are a group of people fond of local communities, social responsibility and healthy, natural food. We created Targ Pietruszowy Foundation in order to pursue ideals and values we believe in and which we reinforce through our farmers’ market. The Kraków district of Podgórze has always been close to our hearts.

Our beliefs translate into what we offer at the market and hence our food is:

  • natural
  • local
  • sold directly
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